Saturday 5 November 2022

8 Entangled Seals In One Group, 7 Rescued


Activists in Namibia free seven Cape fur seals from garbage entanglements in a few minutes of frenzied action.

This is next level madness. The rescuers initially target one entangled seal, but as they go along, they spot a total of 8 seals with different types of entanglement around their necks, and one of them sadly gets away without help (at least today). Wherever they look, they spot another victim. They work extremely fast, they need their rescue equipment to be readily available for the next target. It gets so bad, they only realize afterwards how many seals they have rescued in just a couple of minutes. 

All seals are caught in different types of entanglement, we cannot assume that they all visited the same part of the ocean, we have to assume that the ocean floor is starting to look like a real rubbish dumpster. There seems to be little hope to escape. Ocean rubbish is everywhere, and even the relentless efforts from the OCN rescue team are just a drop in the bucket. 

If we want to create a safe environment for our marine animals, we will all have to change our behavior and no longer enable industries that are largely responsible for this. 

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