Tuesday 7 November 2023

The War on Conservatives Paperback by Mark Dice


Mark Dice has finally released his new book. Check out the cover and back page above, and watch his video announcing it below.

Conservatives are under attack on numerous different fronts by a well-funded, highly organized Marxist movement. The war is being waged in the public schools and universities, in corporate America, the media, and in the streets.

American symbols and holidays, Christianity and churches, and even the nuclear family itself is under siege. Extremists are preying on children, while White people are being systematically demonized by Critical Race Theory, which is just antiwhiteism in disguise. And millions of illegal aliens have been allowed to invade our country.

All while censorship on social media is being leveraged by cancel culture mobs to silence critics and those trying to fight back. Democrats are even inciting and endorsing violence against their opponents, using Antifa and Black Lives Matter foot soldiers, all while being cheered on by Hollywood celebrities.

And there are even traitors in our midst. Cowardly conservatives and RINOs who have sold out our principles for profit and power. Media analyst Mark Dice takes you to the front lines in The War on Conservatives.

You can buy it from Amazon now using the following links.

Amazon USA - https://amzn.to/3FMnHX5

Amazon UK - https://amzn.to/3QQujtP

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