Tuesday 21 November 2023

Kevin Westley's 9-11 Video (Cut to Actual Footage, Enhanced Video & Audio)


0:00 - Video starts few minutes before WTC-2 (South Tower) was hit. It's apparent by the denser smoke plume and progressed stage of the fire at south face of WTC-1 (North Tower).

1:39 - Noise most likely coming from the NYPD Aviation Unit #14 flying overhead, with officers Tim Hayes, Patrick Walsh, John Maier, and Donald Gromling on board. That police helicopter along the nearing UA175 has been captured on photo by Kathy Cacicedo ( https://bit.ly/3Qx2rdN ).

1:59 - Engine roar of UA175 becomes audible.

2:03 - The approaching aircraft finally caught on camera.

2:09 - UA175 crashes into WTC-2 at 9:02:59AM.

2:12 - Sound from the jet-fuel explosion reaches Westley's camcorder mic.

Videographer: Kevin Westley

View toward WTC from: South

Camera Location: Staten Island ferry boat (same as of Michael Hezarkhani).


Original video uploaded by Kevin Westley on to YouTube in the 2000s (!) and made public on February 23, 2022: 

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