Wednesday 29 March 2023

Lady Is Convinced That Laws Don’t Apply To Her


Early morning Monday, an officer with the Gulf Breeze Police Department was conducting a routine patrol on Pensacola Bay Bridge. The officer observed a Grey GMC Terrain traveling 52 in a 35 MPH zone and pulled behind the vehicle. 

The officer found that the license plate registration was expired as of October 2021. The officer initiated a traffic stop within a CVS parking lot. When the officer came in contact with the driver, he observed that she had extremely dilated pupils, glossy eyes, and lethargic behavior. The officer explained the reason for the stop (speeding) and the driver became extremely argumentative. The driver stated that she did not need a drivers license (as she was not driving a commercial vehicle). The driver was was removed from her vehicle and placed into a police vehicle. 

Upon looking up the drivers information, it was revealed that her Mississippi drivers license had been expired since 10/21/2021. It was also revealed that the she had an active warrant out of Santa Rosa County for Failure to Appear for Driving While License Expired. During the inventory of the vehicle, a clear plastic baggy was located inside the driver’s backpack on the front passenger floorboard which contained a white powdery substance, identified as c*caine. The driver did not take ownership of any of the items. Due to the officer’s training and experience and personal body behavior, the driver was determined to be operating a motor vehicle while her faculties were impaired. The field sobriety tests were not conducted due to the driver displaying erratic behavior ranging in non-compliance, complained, argumentative, irrational mindset, extremely dilated pupils, etc… The driver was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, driving under the influence, and possession of c*caine.

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