Wednesday 1 February 2017

Man records heartbreaking moment his dementia suffering mother forgets who he is for the first time.

Mother and Son's Journey with Dementia - The day started out good until I started asking my Mother questions. One question led to another until I heard the words that no child ever wants to hear.

When I started this video series I made a commitment to my Mother, caregivers and other people suffering from Dementia that we would make a difference and show the world the suffering that's involved with this disease. I plan on taking this video series all the way to the end.

The people that are suffering and have suffered from Dementia deserve that everyone know the pain and suffering they have been through.

I know I'm not the first child to go through this with their Mother or Father and I won't be the last. I now know the loss and pain they felt when this horrible day finally came.

This day I will never forget.

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