Tuesday 3 November 2015

NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)

It’s always shining, always ablaze with light and energy. In the ubiquity of solar output, Earth swims in an endless tide of particles. Every time half of the Earth faces the Sun, we experience the brightness of daytime, the Sun’s energy and light driving weather, biology and more. But in space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) keeps an eye on our nearest star 24/7. SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. In this video we experience images of the Sun in unprecedented detail captured by SDO. Presented in ultra-high definition video (4K) the video presents the nuclear fire of our life-giving star in intimate detail, offering new perspective into our own relationships with grand forces of the solar system.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Driver cutting clamp off his car with angle grinder in Limerick

This video was shot in Limerick earlier this month, when local Chris Luszczki heard the man taking the grinder to the hated clamp in the hopes of getting rid of it.

Not long after getting his equipment out, the driver succeeded in freeing himself, driving off and leaving the clamp behind.

"Only in Ireland," Chris wrote on YouTube.

In the four days since it was uploaded, the video has already been watched more than 38,000 times and shared widely on Facebook and Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the comment section was not very kind to the driver.

"He deserved to be clamped, up in the pavement and on a double yellow," one user wrote.

Conor McGregor vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones)

McGregor faces off against Game of Thrones' [6ft9 400lb] Gregor Clegane aka 'The Mountain' in a bare knuckle fight to the death. The bigger they are; the harder they fall. For more exclusive video visit TheMacLife.com.

All Black's legend Sonny B Williams gives an 8 year old kid his gold medal

Overzealous security guard takes down a kid, the kid gets a gold medal from his hero as a reward!

Mom Steals Candy From Kids - Halloween 2015

Away from home, we left full-sized candy bars outside with a note, "Help yourself but be considerate!" We figured a group of kids would probably end up taking all of the candy at one point during the night, but everyone was really considerate...until this upstanding mother came to save the day.