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Thursday 29 February 2024

Woman catches Tom from TotsTV using a very rude slur! Whoops!


A woman was watching an episode of TotsTV when she caught character Tom using a very offensive word!

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"Tots TV" is a delightful children's television show that premiered in 1993, captivating young audiences with its charming blend of live-action puppetry and animation. Set in a colorful cottage, the series follows the adventures of three endearing puppet characters named Tilly, Tom, and Tiny, as they explore the world around them and engage in imaginative play. With its gentle tone, engaging storytelling, and emphasis on friendship and discovery, "Tots TV" has become a beloved classic, entertaining and educating generations of preschoolers worldwide.

@pastaislife05 Sausage my ass. Tom you sassy little shit. #totstv #tiny #tom #childhoodmemories #childhoodtv #nostalgia #childhoodtvshows ♬ original sound - pasta