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Monday 18 December 2023

Harry Hill's TV Burp - Inky Pinky Ponky


Manny from BBC Three show The Undercover Princes reveals his method of choosing clothes in this segment from a recent episode of ITV1 comedy Harry Hill's TV Burp. The video contains a selection of 'Inky Pinky Ponky' clips, including the end performance after the clip of Eastenders' Dot and Dotty Cotton's rendition of 'All Things Bright And Beautiful'.

Harry Hill, born Matthew Keith Hall on October 1, 1964, is a renowned British comedian, actor, and television presenter. Known for his distinctive appearance with his trademark oversized collars and receding hairline, Hill has established himself as a household name in the world of British comedy.

Hill's comedic career took off in the 1990s when he began performing stand-up comedy in various venues. His unique style, characterized by absurdity, wordplay, and surreal humor, quickly garnered attention and earned him a loyal fan base. In 1992, he won the Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a prestigious honor in the comedy world.

One of Harry Hill's most significant contributions to British comedy is the creation of the surreal television show "Harry Hill's TV Burp," which ran from 2001 to 2012. The show featured Hill's humorous commentary on the week's television highlights, often incorporating clever editing and satirical sketches. "TV Burp" became immensely popular and earned Hill several awards, including BAFTAs for Best Entertainment Performance.

Apart from his television work, Harry Hill has made appearances on various panel shows and hosted his own programs. In addition to his comedic talents, he has pursued acting, appearing in both television and film productions.

Beyond his entertainment career, Hill has also ventured into writing, penning humorous books and a children's book series titled "The Adventures of Captain Underpants," which further showcases his diverse creative abilities.

With his distinctive comedic style and memorable contributions to the entertainment industry, Harry Hill remains a beloved figure in the world of British comedy, continuing to entertain audiences with his wit and eccentric humor.