Friday 10 May 2024

Winnipeg business owner says overflowing bin that led to overcharge staged by garbage company

A Winnipeg business owner is furious after receiving an exorbitant bill from a private garbage collection company for an alleged overfilled bin. Brad Wallin, president of Wallin Industries, a local metal fabrication business, revealed to 680 CJOB’s 'The Start' that his recent garbage pickup bill from Waste Management of Canada Corporation was six times higher than usual.

According to Wallin, the company levied an additional overage charge, claiming the bin was overflowing. However, Wallin asserted that the situation was manipulated by the Waste Management employee, and he claims to have video evidence supporting his allegation. Global News obtained the security footage, which, according to Wallin, shows the Waste Management driver artificially altering the appearance of the bin to create the impression that it was overfilled.

“It shows the driver pulling up, he gets out of the truck, he unlocks the bin, he reaches into the dumpster, starts pulling out a little bit of cardboard, hangs it over the edges,” Wallin explained.

Despite Wallin's complaints to the company, he said he was given the runaround until finally hearing from an executive at Waste Management’s Toronto headquarters. “In my eyes, it’s just not acceptable," Wallin concluded.

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