Tuesday 21 May 2024

Larry David finds out his great grandfather was a slave owner

Larry David

Larry David's discovery about his great-grandfather's history as a slave owner was revealed during an episode of the PBS show "Finding Your Roots." The show, hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., explores the genealogical backgrounds of various celebrities.

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In the episode featuring Larry David, Gates uncovered documents revealing that David's great-grandfather, Lawrence Bernie, owned slaves. This revelation came as a shock to David, who expressed deep discomfort and disbelief upon learning about his ancestor's dark past.

David's reaction to the news was raw and emotional, as he grappled with the implications of his family's history. The revelation prompted him to reflect on the broader issues of race, privilege, and identity, as well as his own Jewish heritage.

The episode sparked discussions about the complexities of genealogy and the ways in which individuals are connected to their ancestors' actions, both good and bad. David's reaction to the news provided a poignant moment of introspection and raised important questions about reckoning with the past.

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