Saturday 6 April 2024

Victim of random sucker-punch in NYC dies after nearly 7 years in coma.

In a tragic turn of events, Domingo Tapia, a Brooklyn resident, has passed away after spending nearly seven years in a coma. Tapia fell into a coma following a random sucker punch by a stranger while riding his bike on a Brooklyn street. The incident left him incapacitated, leaving behind his wife, Ester Diaz, and their two young sons, Pedro and Jose.

The family's ordeal has been heart-wrenching. Ester Diaz, speaking through a translator, expressed the immense suffering Domingo endured during his coma. She highlighted the difficulties she faced as a single parent, trying to support her children while dealing with the absence of her husband.

Adding to their anguish is the fact that the attacker, identified as Gary Anderson, received only misdemeanor assault charges for his actions. Despite the family's plea for justice, the legal system's limitations prevented more severe charges from being brought against Anderson. This disparity in consequences has left the family frustrated and seeking closure.

Ester Diaz and her sons are adamant about holding Anderson accountable for his actions. They demand justice for Domingo's untimely death and hope to see Anderson face appropriate consequences for his role in the tragedy.

As the family begins to navigate the funeral arrangements for Domingo, they are also seeking financial assistance through the Mexican consulate. Their struggle serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of senseless violence and the shortcomings of the legal system in providing adequate recourse for victims and their families.

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