Tuesday 16 January 2024

RARE Lufthansa 747 TAKE OFF!

Welcome aboard LA Flights with Peter & Joshua! 👋👋 At the conclusion of every show, LA Flights never fails to discover ONE MORE PLANE. Regardless of our destination, the essence of the One More Plane will always be an integral part of our aviation adventure!

During the Clutters Park aviation extravaganza this Saturday, First Officer Jay and Captain Stephen made a unique request for a south runway departure. Witnessing a Lufthansa 747 in the south complex is an exceptionally rare occurrence. LH457 not only departed from the south side of LAX but did so in a Spectacular Fashion! A special shout-out to the Flight crew for their Shine The Light moment, accompanied by big waves to the LA Flights family. As if that wasn't enough excitement, we also received a noteworthy ATC shout-out! 🛫✈️

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