Tuesday 23 January 2024

Paul Joseph Watson looks at the moment Youtuber Brendan Kavanagh was nearly killed by a CCP agent!

Renowned pianist Brendan Kavanagh, popularly known as "Dr. K" among his 2 million YouTube followers, found himself embroiled in a heated dispute while livestreaming a public piano performance at St. Pancras International station. The incident, involving individuals claiming to work for Chinese TV, unfolded in a clash between freedom of expression and concerns about privacy.

Livestreaming at St. Pancras International Station:

On a Friday afternoon, Kavanagh shared a livestream video on his YouTube channel, showcasing his musical talents as he played a public piano at St. Pancras International station. The video captures the artist setting up his camera, accompanied by another pianist, in what seemed to be a harmonious performance.

Encounter with Chinese TV Representatives:

As the performance continued, a group displaying flags of the People's Republic of China entered the frame, sparking an unexpected turn of events. A woman from the group, identifying herself as a Chinese TV employee, approached Kavanagh, expressing concerns about their visibility in the footage. She claimed they were "not allowed" to be in the video due to their affiliation with Chinese TV.

Contentious Exchange:

Kavanagh, asserting his right to film in a public space, engaged in a tense exchange with the group, particularly when one member threatened legal action. The situation escalated as Kavanagh emphasized the freedoms of a democratic society, contrasting it with Communist China. The dispute caught the attention of two police officers, who intervened to address the conflicting claims.

Police Involvement:

The police officers provided differing perspectives on the matter. While one acknowledged Kavanagh's right to film in a public place, the other insisted that the incident was a "police matter." The police engaged with the group off-camera, ultimately instructing Kavanagh not to use the footage on his channel, citing concerns about their privacy and contractual obligations with a company.

Defending Free Speech:

Despite the controversy, Kavanagh remained steadfast in defending free speech. Commenters online applauded his refusal to back down, commending him for standing up for his rights. The video, now widely shared online, has sparked discussions about the intersection of free speech, privacy, and cultural differences in a public setting.


Brendan Kavanagh's livestreamed piano performance at St. Pancras International station turned into a clash of ideals as he defended his right to free speech against claims of privacy infringement. The incident has ignited conversations about the boundaries of expression in public spaces and the challenges posed by cultural differences and privacy concerns.

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