Tuesday 26 December 2023

The story of Iceland’s Banned TV Christmas Advert. - Rang-tan.


The advert, titled "Rang-tan," was initially created by the environmental organization Greenpeace and later repurposed by Iceland for their Christmas campaign. The short film aimed to raise awareness about the impact of palm oil production on deforestation and the habitat of endangered species, particularly orangutans.

The animated story follows a young girl who discovers a displaced baby orangutan, or "Rang-tan," in her bedroom. The orangutan narrates its heartbreaking story of losing its home due to deforestation caused by palm oil plantations. The ad encourages viewers to choose products that are free from palm oil to help combat deforestation and protect wildlife.

The reason for the ban was Iceland's decision to use an animated short film with a clear political message as its Christmas advert. The UK advertising regulatory body, Clearcast, deemed the ad in breach of political advertising rules, leading to its prohibition from being broadcast on television.

Despite the ban from traditional TV channels, the "Rang-tan" advert gained significant attention and went viral on social media platforms. Many people praised Iceland for its commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues, while others criticized the ban as hindering an important message.

The ban, in a way, inadvertently brought even more attention to the cause, sparking discussions about the environmental impact of palm oil production and the role of advertising in addressing such issues. While the advert couldn't be broadcast on TV as originally intended, its online presence and the ensuing discussions contributed to the broader conversation about sustainability and responsible consumer choices.

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