Wednesday 25 October 2023

Texas man describes firing at fake maintenance workers who tried to break through his apartment door


In a widely circulated video obtained by WFAA, a resident of a Dallas apartment is captured firing shots through his apartment door as two individuals, accused of posing as maintenance workers, attempt a break-in.

The Dallas Police Department responded to a service call at the Interlace Apartments just after 6 p.m. on Aug. 19, following reports of two men pretending to be maintenance personnel knocking on a resident's door.

On Aug. 22, the police announced the arrest of Aaron Contreras, 30, in connection with the incident. He faced charges of aggravated assault, deadly conduct, and attempted burglary of a dwelling. However, they did not confirm the identification of a second suspect.

Ethan Rodriguez, the victim, revealed his identity to WFAA. Rodriguez used his doorbell camera to inform the purported maintenance worker that he was not at home, prompting the individual to leave.

Upon his return, Rodriguez encountered the same individual accompanied by another person attempting to forcibly enter his apartment. Faced with the sight of a gun in one of the suspects' hands, Rodriguez stated he had no option but to open fire in self-defense.

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