Tuesday 4 July 2023

Last Day of Analog TV Broadcasting - June 12, 2009


June 12, 2009 is a day that will be a timeless mark on the calendar for the Audio Visual nerds (like myself) of America. This was the last day the analog broadcast signal (standard antenna) was transmitted to homes across America. At midnight of June 13th, the analog broadcast age came to an end (RIP lol, think about it, over half a century of television was broadcasted like this) and now all TV signals are broadcasted digitally using a converter box or DTV set. This video is of my friend Steve Holy and me in front of one of my TVs that I didn't hitch up with a converter box, for the sole purpose of filming when the original broadcast signal went black! To the average person this may be irrelevant, but for me it was pretty damn epic! To think, my generation can grow old and someday say "When I was a kid, TV shows were broadcasted with antennas, not digitally"

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