Wednesday 28 February 2018

Why Fergie Sounded Bad at the NBA All Star Game! (Vocal Coach Reaction)

O'Neil Gerald, here! So it's no question that Fergie had a bad day singing the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game! I wanted to give a Vocal Coach's reaction on a few of the things that caused her some trouble during the performance and a few of the ways she could have improved.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Monday 26 February 2018

Sunday 25 February 2018

Forest Ranger Stumbles Upon A Mysterious Strange Cabin In The Woods With A Shocking Surprise Inside

Forest Ranger Stumbles Upon A Mysterious Strange Cabin In The Woods With A Shocking Surprise Inside

Saturday 24 February 2018

Jack Black Sings the National Anthem at Sparks Game

Jack Black, the hilarious comedian, actor, and musician, serenades the crowd in Los Angeles before a Sparks game.

Friday 23 February 2018

Wallace Jr. breaks down following second-place finish at Daytona

Darrell Wallace Jr. gets emotional discussing the journey him and his family have been on over the last two years.

Thursday 22 February 2018

Borat's Rant And National Anthem At Rodeo

Roving journalist and the sixth-most famous person from his native Kazakhstan, Borat Sagdiyev travels to the United States to learn about American culture with hilarious results.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Flight of the Conchords - If You're Into It

Flight of the Conchords are a New Zealand-based comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. The duo's comedy and music became the basis of a BBC radio series and then an American television series that aired for two seasons on HBO. They previously referred to themselves as "New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo", but as of 2014 refer to themselves as "the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand."

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Tony Gwynn Crushes Heckler..Brilliant!!

Tony Gwynn Jr getting heckled at Coors Field. This annoying Rockies fan harassed Tony for the entire game. To top it all off, to end the game Tony made stellar leaping catch off of a hit to left field from Rockies Charlie Blackmon. After the catch Tony stood up, looked at the heckler, tipped his hat smiled and ran off...

Monday 19 February 2018

Competition: Win Girlfriends on DVD

Girlfriends is out on DVD on February 26th and to celebrate we have a great competition for you and 2 copies on DVD to give away.

Written by Kay Mellor (Love, Lies & Records, The Syndicate, In the Club) and starring Phyllis Logan (The Good Karma Hospital, Downton Abbey), Miranda Richardson (And Then There Were None) and Zoƫ Wanamaker (Mr Selfridge, My Family). When Linda is suddenly widowed, she finds herself on her own for the first time in nearly 30 years. Widowed and out of her depth she turns to her old friends Gail and Sue for support, but it seems they may need her support in equal measure.

Glamorous and successful Sue is shocked when she finds herself facing age discrimination in her job as the editor of a popular bridal magazine. After committing her best years to her career, she starts to question the choices she's made. As the completion of her divorce to second husband Dave rapidly approaches Gail's getting cold feet about giving up on the man she still loves but is she too exhausted to do anything about it? As the girlfriends come back together it's clear that although their lives have changed over the years, true friendship remains the same no matter how much time has passed.

You can buy this from Amazon UK using the following link that opens in a new window.
Girlfriends (ITV Drama) [DVD]


Terms and conditions
1. Closing date 05-03-18
2. No alternative prize is available
3. When the competition ends as indicated on this page, any and all entries received after this point will not count and emails blacklisted due to not checking this page first.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.

Mii Channel Theme Band Prank

The Liberty University Wind Symphony decided to prank our band director bu playing the Mii Channel Theme instead of a Bach Chorale.

Sunday 18 February 2018

Annoyed Dog Followed Everywhere by Baby Ducks

Our two new baby ducks follow our dog, George, around. The ducks are black and super cute. As for George, motherhood doesn't necessarily seem to be his 'thing'! One duck is named Rockhopper and the other one, Peanut. Watch as they follow our dog George around through the grass, and on the concrete. I have cut out a couple of parts to show you the the funniest parts. This was shot on my iPod Touch. Listen closely to the sound of them waddling around on the concrete. Thought I'd upload this super funny video.  Hope you enjoy!

Saturday 17 February 2018

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (with lyrics)

Jazz song from cartoon Tom and Jerry (1946)
Performed by Ira "Buck" Woods

Friday 16 February 2018

Curiosity at Martian Scenic Overlook

Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada gives a descriptive tour of the Mars rover's view in Gale Crater. The white-balanced scene looks back over the journey so far.

Thursday 15 February 2018

Man Fools Cops With Car Made Of Snow, Gets Fake Parking Ticket

A man in Canada and local police had a good laugh after the Montreal resident fooled officers with a full-size car made entirely of snow. Matt Yurus reports.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Monday 12 February 2018

Bears in the Modern World – Electric Deer

A Montana grizzly bear attempts to retrieve an electrically charged, road-killed deer. The deer is electrified as an experiment to protect hunters’ game kills and, in turn, to minimize bear-human encounters.

Sunday 11 February 2018

Saturday 10 February 2018

Chicago Blackhawks - Pat Foley and Dale Tallon - "Wee-nie" comment

Chicago Blackhawks @ Ottawa Senators from 1/22/96. Pat Foley loses it when Dale Tallon comments on Ottawa Senator player Sean Hill "taking one for the team" in a real bad location. Not his knee, but his "wee-nie".

Friday 9 February 2018

Lee Mack Hilarious Story

Hilarious story told by Lee Mack about his first experience of stand-up comedy. From the Graham Norton Show with guests John Cleese, Martin Clunes, and Lee Mack.

Thursday 8 February 2018

Quick D: Invisible Box Challenge

Captain Disillusion gets on the last train out of meme town and performs his own version of the invisible box challenge.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Sunday 4 February 2018

Baby climbing two stair gates

My 2 year old started climbing her single stair gate now and then so I thought I put two up so the next night I hear a bang her elder sister said how did you get out so I put her back to bed went down stairs then thought I'm going capture her escaping didn't relies i've got her mid climb.

Thursday 1 February 2018