Wednesday 15 February 2017

Permanent Magnet Switch

With this magnetic experiment I want to show how to create a switch for permanent magnets.
Obviously you can not turn off the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, but by playing with more than one magnet and creating interaction with their fields you can get interesting results.
What you need for this experiment are 3 equal magnets and iron bars to cut the required size, add the pieces as you see in the video and you will have built a permanent magnet with ON / OFF switch

I used to build this switch:
3 neodymium magnets 12x12x12 mm
2 iron bars 12x12x70 mm
2 pieces of iron 15x4x26 mm
1 piece of iron 15x4x20 mm
1 of suitably cut plastic cap to build a ring nut and rotate the top portion of the switch

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