Thursday 11 February 2016

Man finds someone Pinned by a 4x4 quad - Hollister Hills SVRA, April 4 2015

Cruising along on a solo ride in the Renz area, I see this helmet in the trail...whaaa? I probably would have never seen the quad up there if I hadn’t seen the helmet.
He said he was up there for about 5 min's before I found him there.

The trail he was on was just above, so I’m pretty sure when he rolled off the trail, his quad rolled 270 degrees before pinning him (lucky it pinched him there instead of his chest or head, yikes!)
You can't really hear much (unless you crank the volume waaay up. Don't forget to turn it back down if you do!), so here's some of what happened:

I warned him that I might not be able to lift it very high, and that I might have to let it back down on him, which happened, and that clearly hurt in a big way. Sorry!

I gathered these rotting logs I found for him to stuff underneath to prop it up next time I lift, but once I got it up a ways, I guess he decided he had to get the heck out of there, and got most of the way out. One more small lift after that, and he was out (and his legs were probably very numb).

I was pretty winded from lots of fast singletrack before I even got there, I gotta get in shape for these kinds of days!

Too bad the first guy to come along is old, weak, and has a bad back.

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