Wednesday 5 July 2017

Here's what Nickelodeon slime is made of — according to 'Double Dare' host Marc Summers

Any kid who watched Nickelodeon in the '90s knows that it was all about the green slime. Marc Summers, host of "Double Dare" and "What Would You Do?" explains what it was actually made out of. A new documentary about Summers' life and career comes out later this year called "On Your Marc," and you can check out our full interview with him about his time on "Double Dare." Following is a transcript of the video:

Hi there. My name is Marc Summers.

“On your mark. Get Set. Go!”

You may know me from "What Would You Do?"

"I'm Mark Summers, and I wanna know how far you’ll go."

Slime gets identified with "Double Dare" a lot, and then again on "What Would You Do?" But it actually started on a show called "You Can't Do That on Television." What happened was, if you said the words, "I don't know," you would get slimed.

You know, it's weird. Slime is hot again. And there's all these recipes online that have nothing to do with what we used as real slime. It started off as vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring, and a little oatmeal. And that was our slime, and the consistency of that was far better than the stuff that I see today. I don't know what it is.

Did I ever get slimed? Oh yes. Numerous times.

Initially, on the first 65 episodes, I didn't get messy at all. And then the producers came to me and said, "Uh, you know, you gotta get a little messy." So the next thing I know, all the kids are trying to trash me with either slime or pies.

And you know some days I'd look like a Smurf. I'd be head to toe with blue whipped cream, blue kind of icing, whatever was on the course.

So yes, it was an occupational hazard in some ways, but it was a great way to make a living.

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