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Thursday 7 March 2024

James O'Keefe and his team infiltrates secret illegal immigration San Diego Ramada Compound


ON THE INSIDE: O'Keefe teams infiltrate secret illegal immigration Ramada Compound in San Diego

James O'Keefe is a dedicated investigative journalist known for his commitment to uncovering truth and promoting transparency in various sectors. With a fearless approach to uncovering corruption and holding powerful institutions accountable, he has earned recognition for his impactful work in journalism. O'Keefe's relentless pursuit of justice has led to numerous groundbreaking investigations, shedding light on issues that affect society and empowering individuals with information. His passion for integrity and his unwavering dedication to ethical journalism continue to inspire many in the field.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Investigation Uncovers Alleged Misconduct at Casa Alitas Ramada Hotel in Tucson


In a recent expose, the James O’Keefe Media Group claims to have penetrated a secretive operation housed within the Ramada Hotel in Tucson, known as Casa Alitas, which allegedly serves as a converted compound for undocumented immigrants. The investigation, conducted undercover, purportedly reveals concerning practices and interactions within this facility.

According to the report, the operation is financially supported by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and benefits entities such as "Las Palmas." James O’Keefe, adopting a disguise as a homeless individual, along with Mexican immigrants equipped with hidden cameras, managed to gain entry into the facility. Within, Ashley St. Clair and Nick Shirley allegedly captured footage of law enforcement officials affirming suspicions that some migrants may be deceptive about their sponsors.

Within the confines of Casa Alitas at the Ramada Inn, migrants purportedly receive various services including meals, hygiene facilities, and access to Wi-Fi. Conversations with undercover journalists purportedly unveiled claims from migrants suggesting that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) receive compensation regardless of outcomes.

Furthermore, the investigation alleges encounters with individuals identifying as gang members among migrant caravans. Despite Border Patrol suspicions, the report suggests that some individuals with gang affiliations are allowed to pass through, with claims that even those with recognizable gang tattoos may not be thoroughly vetted.

In an interview conducted under the guise of a local ministry outreach member, Ashley St. Clair reportedly uncovered dissatisfaction among some migrants with the treatment provided by Catholic Community Services. According to a taxi driver engaged with the migrant population, there are assertions that these services induce fear among the recipients.

The report culminates with an interaction between O’Keefe and Deputy Carter, during which O’Keefe queries whether a bus arriving at the facility is filled with undocumented immigrants. Deputy Carter allegedly deflects the question, further raising suspicions about the operations at Casa Alitas.